About the Thrive Program:

Thrive School is a free K-6 public charter school designed with the needs and dreams of your child (and your family) in mind. Thrive is a place where your child's brilliant future comes into clear focus and everything is possible.

Curious minds

High expectations

+ empowerment

Academic success

Confident hearts


+ equity + support

Well-being and lifelong learning

Big futures

STEM learning

+ future-focused mindset


A Place to Learn

High expectations, high engagement, lots of support
  • A K-6 program designed for your child, building on their strengths, offering academic challenge and providing extra support when they need it.
  • A balance of teacher-led learning and hands-on exploration.
  • Schoolwork that goes beyond the basics to incorporate enrichment in reading and math plus exciting Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) learning through robotics, coding and more.
  • At Thrive, every student has a Personal Opportunity Plan outlining their needs, gifts, and goals. This plan provides a roadmap that evolves with the student from through graduation.

A Place to Belong

A strong school community that welcomes families
  • Thrive is a small school and a strong community where teachers are champions and everyone knows your name. We celebrate the diversity of our community and are dedicated to creating an environment that radiates belonging and trust where every student feels known, valued and empowered.
  • Aiming to be much more than a school, Thrive builds community by hosting family-friendly events and providing a welcoming place for parents and caregivers to connect -- with the school, with each other, and with helpful community services. Building strong school-home connections is an important part of the Thrive program.

A Place to Thrive

A land of opportunities
  • After school, your child will have the chance to explore, grow and play through a variety of high-quality organized activities offered by the school at no cost, including sports, music lessons and art classes.
  • Thrive's full day K-6 program means students have lots of opportunities to explore new things, develop social and emotional skills and build meaningful relationships with fellow students and staff that can last a lifetime.
  • Life can be tough and adversity is a reality for many of our students. Our onsite wraparound services help Thrive be truly responsive to student and family/caregiver needs.

A Place to Dream Big

The sky is the limit
  • We want to open as many doors as possible for every student that walks through the doors at Thrive. From the school day to meaningful after-school activities, your child's experiences will expand their world and build their confidence.
  • Starting in kindergarten, students at Thrive have the chance to explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) learning, both during the school day and after school.
  • The Thrive School environment will help your child be their best, challenging them to shine and providing personalized support where and when they need it.

A Place With No Barriers

Thrive makes it easy, accessible and free
  • Full days: 8AM - 6PM, school and after-school activities.
  • Free yellow bus service to and from school.
  • Nutritious breakfast, lunch and snacks provided.
  • No tuition. No fees. Everything is provided at no cost to families.